Welcome to Our Life Abroad!

We’re two high school teachers, Jared (left) and Danny (right) from outside Chicago, IL wandering halfway across the world to get out and see what we’ve been missing. We’ve discovered that we love to travel! It freaks you out, makes you uncomfortable — what’s better than discovering who you are and what you’re capable of?¬†As Thoreau said, life is what we make of it. We want to suck the marrow out of its bones!

We love culture. We love people (well, I do; not so sure about him). And we want to experience life and see what it does to us and our teaching. What better way than to join a culture on the cusp between Eastern and Western ideas! (Heck, why not, I’ve always wanted to learn more about Confucianism!)

We’ve been teaching EFL to teenagers and adults in South Korea since August 2016. This blog will document our experiences, opinions, and travels throughout Asia; to see a more comedic run-by of events, check out Danny’s twitter below.

Where have we been so far?
Okinawa, Japan: October 28-31, 2016
Taipei, Taiwan: December 23-26, 2016
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: December 26-30, 2016
Singapore, Singapore: December 30-January 1 2017

Where are we going?
We have three or four vacations in the works from now until August. Our tentative plans include us 1) returning to Japan to see Kyoto and Osaka, 2) heading from Vietnam through Laos/Cambodia and into Thailand, 3) Hong Kong, and perhaps 4) the Philippines.

Stay tuned!


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