Tour the Five Joseon Palaces

Whenever I come to a new place, I make sure to take in some of its cultural heritage. Seeing Seoul explode into the 21st century in Gangnam and Songpa is electrifying -- the reach of technology will only extend and design principles will continue to look for ways to incorporate it more seamlessly and organically … Continue reading Tour the Five Joseon Palaces

Noryangjin Fish Market (Or, What It Was Like Eating “Live” Octopus)

How do you feel about octopus? What if I told you it was still wriggling on your plate? In my experience coming from the American Midwest, people can be hit or miss with seafood generally. I think about my dad in these instances having grown up in rural central Illinois; he frequently suggests that a … Continue reading Noryangjin Fish Market (Or, What It Was Like Eating “Live” Octopus)

Namiseom Island, A Whimsical Getaway

Since we have arrived, most of our excursions have been inside the city of Seoul. Planning day trips to other locations can be expensive, and overall, it just requires more work. That being said, we finally decided to head out of Seoul a few weekends ago to see one of the biggest attractions just outside … Continue reading Namiseom Island, A Whimsical Getaway

Lights on the River: Seoul Lantern Festival

The weekend after we returned from Japan, Danny and I were set to finish our excursion along the Seoul City Wall (which we did!). Beforehand, we had been in Namdaemun and watched some delicious hotteok being served up. Danny thought that sounded like a great idea after our hike, but we wanted to keep walking. … Continue reading Lights on the River: Seoul Lantern Festival

Hello, Yongin Folk Village!

Previously, I mentioned that we had visited the Brilliant Castle, Hwaseong Fortress, in Suwon, but the rest of that weekend gave us plenty of time to see more of Suwon and its surrounding area as Korea has slowly been overtaken by fall weather. As a brief aside before I begin, autumn in Korea seems so … Continue reading Hello, Yongin Folk Village!

The Brilliant Castle, Hwaseong

No matter how extroverted I am, the idea of being pulled into a random performance by a street performer just seems terrifying to me. Perhaps it's my perfectionism speaking, but no matter how lighthearted a street performer seems when dragging you in front of dozens of people, you know he or she expects a certain … Continue reading The Brilliant Castle, Hwaseong

International Fireworks Festival ’16

What can I say about Hanhwa's fireworks show courtesy of the International Fireworks Festival at the 63 Building on the river? Not much else besides utterly fantastic. I had first seen the advert for the festival a few weeks before in September. The fireworks were being held on October 8th and I was excited to … Continue reading International Fireworks Festival ’16

Hiking Gwanaksan

So, we like to hike, and Korea is The Hiker's Paradise. Now, I am sure there are other areas that offer better hiking, but I can't imagine many other places in the world where the city and mountains coincide so perfectly as Korea. And while I know I have written previously about hiking adventures, this … Continue reading Hiking Gwanaksan

DMZ, the Barbed-wire Paradise

Many people who live in Korea, who are Korean, have never traveled to see the boundary to the north. This boundary, granted, is so relatively new to the history of Korea, having only been instituted in 1953. Our Opportunity to Visit the DMZ.. for Free! Incredibly, Danny and I had the great opportunity to visit … Continue reading DMZ, the Barbed-wire Paradise

A Step Back into Time: 1988 Olympic Park

On a whim a few weeks ago while we were still in orientation, Danny and I decided we needed to hang out on our own away from the group for a bit and explore Seoul. Don't get me wrong, we loved everyone in our group, and we had been having a blast, but we hadn't … Continue reading A Step Back into Time: 1988 Olympic Park