Okinawa, Japan: Day 3-4

We had such a great first two days, but we did even more the last two. We woke up earlier the next day to get out on the road and travel up the coast to the northern side of the island. We were going to explore the more exotic side of Okinawa. On the drive up we saw … Continue reading Okinawa, Japan: Day 3-4

Okinawa, Japan: Day 1-2

Why Okinawa? When Danny first floated the idea of South Korea to me (and when I first took it seriously), one of the first ideas that passed through my mind was the idea of going to Japan. And though it is a beautiful country with many great cities, the reason was simpler than any of … Continue reading Okinawa, Japan: Day 1-2

First Term and Home

With the end of October came the end of our first term teaching here in South Korea, and what an experience it has been so far. If I haven't mentioned it previously, our school divides the year into six terms that are each two months long; as such, Term 5 has just ended (September-October) and … Continue reading First Term and Home