Christmas in Taiwan (Day 3-4a)

I never expected to be in a country like Taiwan on Christmas day. And perhaps symbolically, this was one of my favorite days of the entire trip. Traditionally, I have always been with family. There may or may not be some snow on the ground. But there is a tree, there's too much food, there … Continue reading Christmas in Taiwan (Day 3-4a)

Snails and Trails: Taiwan (Day 2)

On this trip, since we were hitting three different countries, one thing I was concerned with was the cost. I wanted to keep it as affordable as possible, especially since living for 10 days abroad in hotels could become wildly expensive. As such, I began looking into something I'd always thought about but never done: … Continue reading Snails and Trails: Taiwan (Day 2)

早安, Taiwan! (Day 1)

Yes, it was a good morning (早安 or "zhao an"), indeed. On that first day of our winter adventure, Danny and I left the bitter cold of Seoul behind for the inviting sub-tropical climate of Taiwan, an island that sits at about the same latitude as Miami, FL. As I stated in the introductory post, "Americans … Continue reading 早安, Taiwan! (Day 1)

Americans Need to Get Out More

In America, there seems to be an avoidance (realized or not) of international travel. I had never given it much thought, growing up, but my own personal experience was the perfect example of this idea. As I grew up, I only ever went on one vacation with my family -- to Colorado when I was … Continue reading Americans Need to Get Out More